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I was born to express myself in music and visual art. My passion in the arts began with black and white photography. As a teenager, I won a best photograph award at a Boston Art show and had a one man show in a NYC gallery. At age 20 I left photography and pursued music. As as an electric violinist, keyboardist, drum programmer, composer, producer and recording artist, my music was used in film and television including a pre-Superbowl special. I also released three CD's of original music. I performed hundreds of gigs including one for Sting on his 50th birthday. Two years ago I returned to photography via the iPhone and have been passionately creating ever since. I have exhibited at the Geo gallery in Burbank. Currently, I have work in the Smart Art exhibition at the Stamford Old Town Museum. I am finishing a short art film entitled Cloud Journey that is created entirely on the iphone. I am collaborating on a poetry/visual art blog with my wife entitled Uma Loom, and also have published a book of my first year of work on Blurb.com. I live with my beloved wife and apricot poodle in Burbank, California.

I like to create landscapes that are lush and surreal, blending the elements of hi-tech and nature. I hope to bring viewers into a world of beauty and wonder, and I strive to create images that feel alive with motion and depth. Starting with the camera in the iPhone, then using multiple apps, I create abstract digital paintings. After hundreds of edits in the iPhone, I export them into the computer and add collaging and finishing.